2/365 – Friends old and new

Today I met the baby daughter and partner of a friend of mine for the first time. While it sounds exciting, this kind of situation creates certain challenges for someone with MG.

Firstly, when being introduced to someone you become more aware of your appearance. Add to that mix the symptoms of MG and an uncomfortable self consciousness kicks in.

Secondly, children can often be intimidated at first when my eye symptoms are flaring up. There have been times I have looked at kids and they’ve either been frightened or started crying (and once a rather deranged man on a bus told me I was cursed but that’s another story). They don’t have the social awareness that most adults do and, no matter how much you laugh it off, it can still hurt when your face makes a little person react this way.

Thankfully both Baby Lyla and Cecille were warm, friendly and appeared unfazed by my continuing right eye tosis.

Here I am pictured with Baby Lyla, my good friend Steph and proud nana Lizzie.