3/365 – Haircut time

Time for my annual haircut. Bit of an over exaggeration, but not much. It’s not that I hate the hairdressers – I love getting my hair washed, my head massaged and I even enjoy the small talk (or in my hairdresser’s case ‘how to solve the crisis in the Middle East’ chat)

The hard part since being diagnosed with MG is spending an hour in front of a mirror. There is no way to escape the symptoms during that time and it usually makes me reflective. No matter how good my hair looks, I often find it is difficult to look past the partial tosis, or squint eye. This makes me think, if I can’t look past it what hope do I have of making anyone else.

This time was no exception in terms of reflection and discomfort at that amount of mirror time. Thankfully, I left feeling a bit less scruffy.