5/365 – Sick day

Although I didn’t want to admit it yesterday, the bug that was doing its rounds with my family and friends over New Year caught up with me today (no doubt partly due to over exertion and sauna time yesterday)

I used to be more resilient, but sadly the drug that suppresses my immune system has made me prone to picking up a dose of the cold. Saying that, due to keeping pretty fit, and eating a lot of nutrients/vitamins, I don’t tend to get anything worse than the unpleasant mild symptoms.

The worse part of getting a cold is it flares up my MG symptoms. Today things are the same with my eye tosis and eyes out of line. My vision was a little double first thing this morning, but it rectified itself quickly. However, I noticed at the height of my sniffling this afternoon that my capacity for swallowing was a tad effected – there were a few stray dribbles down my chin. Thankfully, I didn’t have to leave the house today.

Tonight my lovely other half returned from working away so that, along with a batch of chicken noodle soup and getting cosy on the couch while watching Star Wars, has made me feel less grotty.

One thought on “5/365 – Sick day”

  1. Hi Laurna, what a good idea to do this blog, as MG is so hard to describe to people, due to its ever-changing nature.
    I have had it since my 20’s, and I am now in my late 50’s, although it took 28 years to get a correct diagnosis. Apart from a couple of flare ups mine has remained mostly ocular , and I take no medication, as Mestinon does not touch my double vision. I have a very active life, and MG has not made me make many changes – apart from working part time, which has been a bonus!!
    I look forward to your daily posts !

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