10/365 – Planning for a night out

Last night was my best friend’s birthday party and the first time I’ve had alcohol in 10 days. Read on to find out how I look this fresh, if a little tired-eyed, today?

Since moving to London, I have made the trip up to Edinburgh for my pal’s birthday every January. Two years ago, I got a megabus up on the Saturday morning, went straight to my friend’s flat for drinks, stayed out all night dancing, and then killed time in the casino with the birthday girl, and her patient boyfriend, until the first megabus back in the morning. I spent a grand total of 12 hours in the city…Needless to say, times have changed.

The secret to stopping significant decline in my condition from a night out is preparation and recovery. Time is essential for this and so 12 hours really wouldn’t cut it anymore (nor would being cramped on the Megabus for 9 hours each way)

Travelling up by train on Friday night, I had a long sleep on Saturday morning to ensure my energy levels were high leading up to the big night. Getting enough sleep is a key consideration for me now and I find not getting 8 hours for a few nights in a row makes a big difference. The next day I made sure to have a long sleep and did very little to ensure I got enough rest.

Eating well is another key consideration for me and so I made sure to prepare my body with healthy food. The following day, I ate healthily again with lots of fruit and vegetables as well as loading my body with multivitamins.

Finally, I chose drinks I’d enjoy savouring – a delicious Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and my favourite Jamaican lager, Red Stripe. The fact that I was savouring each sip stopped over indulgence.

Thanks to the preparation, and knowing there was time to recover the next day, I was able to make the most of the evening with my favourites. Getting to spend time with my best friends is a rare treat as we live nearly 400 miles apart. My aim whenever I see them is to make it memorable and try to be fully present in the moment.

By the end of the night, I could feel the MG tingles in my mouth and my eye ptosis got more pronounced. However, I was able to put this to the back of my mind due to being busy dancing, singing, hugging, chatting, snapping pics and laughing with my favourite girls. I hope we’ll be the last ones to leave our favourite haunt, singing and giggling our way out of the door, for years to come.

Here the birthday girl and I are mid dance:


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