13/365 – Learning to relax

Of all the lifestyle changes I’ve made since being diagnosed with MG, scheduling in time for relaxation was the biggest culture shock.

My work has always kept me busy, and often on my feet, and I’ve also preferred my free time to be jam packed full of fun. Whether it was training or a game for a sports teams, other exercise, volunteering, evening classes, or socialising, in the past I could go for weeks without spending an evening at home relaxing. Often when I was home, I’d be entertaining which I’ve never found particularly chilled.

Simply put, my body wouldn’t allow me to continue that way post myasthenia. It has a rather unpleasant way of communicating it’s displeasure when it comes to my periods of hyper activity now – it brings my symptoms back with a bang. Since the thymectomy my body has become more predictable and sometimes I find out too late that I need to get some rest. But I am getting better at reading the early signs and, most importantly, listening to them.

I didn’t fully accept relaxation as a key part of my schedule until early last year when I moved in with my partner. This is because I think to be able to relax, you have to feel completely comfortable where you live and I hadn’t had that for years. No longer just a hotel, home is somewhere I look forward to arriving at and often now I actually need a push to go out.

I never thought I’d say it but I’m glad I’ve made the change. While I still find time to do most of those things I mentioned above, it’s at a much less frantic pace so I get to enjoy them more thoroughly.

Today’s photo is me this morning taking 15 minutes to do the cold teabag trick on the black bags underneath my eyes. Unfortunately, the drug that suppresses my immune system makes my skin thinner and nowhere does it show more clearly than the suitcases I’m carrying on my face. I’ll write more tomorrow on relaxation techniques which I find work for me.

…and you’ll be glad to know my eyes are still looking bright and full today


2 thoughts on “13/365 – Learning to relax”

  1. My eyes too are a telltale give away. Some creams work and some days I look like I’ve been in a fight. Listening to your body is hard and it’s so easy to overdo it rather than stopping at a point where there ate some reserves left. I eagerly await your relaxation info tomorrow.

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