17/365 – A break from my health kick

So this weekend I made the conscious decision to have a break from the healthy eating, exercise regime and no alcohol. After a positive week of sticking to a low calorie, nutritious diet, no booze and regular exercise (2 gym sessions, 1 hot yoga class, a 15km cycle and a 10km walk) my achy body told me it needed a break. When feeling this way, the relaxation tips discussed on 15/365 can come in handy.

My ridiculously healthy food shop for last week:


On Friday night, I said goodbye to my healthy week with a conditioning session at the gym followed by some Mexican food and a well deserved glass of Bordeaux. Both the fajitas and the wine tasted so much better as a treat.

On Saturday, after a very chilled morning, I watched my first premier league match – Tottenham Hotspur vs Sunderland. From my previous experience at football matches in Scotland, I was a tad excited about destroying the ‘my body is a temple’ regime with a pie at half time. However, it seems pies don’t fit with the American-style fare on offer in London – all they had was hot dogs. Disappointed doesn’t begin to cover it.

To make up for this failure, on the way home we picked up some chips and had homemade fish and chips (and a giant pickle onion for me) to line the stomachs before my first proper break with the booze ban – Elaine’s cousin’s leaving do. We also managed to make a dent in that bottle of Bordeaux between the two of us.


Sticking to the red wine, we worked our way through some Syrah at the party – but after a glass my body started to warn me that my overindulgence was a little too much, too soon. Still, after living very quietly since my best friend’s birthday the previous weekend, it was fun to be out socialising, having a dance and meeting new people. Unfortunately, my right eye had closed a little which made me more self conscious, as discussed previously, but Elaine’s family were warm and welcoming.

With a foggy head on Sunday morning, I decided it was time to get back on the no alcohol and healthy eating regime. After traipsing around the shops for a while at the Westfield centre in Stratford, I was tempted by a Costa coffee. My sweet tooth got the better of me and some mini muffins were scoffed. Yet, funnily enough, my nutritional breakdown on Sunday is the closest I’ve been to my diet app’s daily target, My Fitness Pal, since I started using it.


Overall, the break from the linseed and squats has been good as my body feels better rested and ready for the tough schedule this week. After reading about an interesting study, I’m also going to try eating within a 12 hour window this week.

I also found this article , about what the world’s healthiest diets have in common, an interesting read

I think the ‘everything in moderation’ principle is going to be a winner for me over the next year and I must remember that means including some of the ‘naughty’ things I enjoy. Without those treats, life becomes a bit dull.

2 thoughts on “17/365 – A break from my health kick”

  1. Good morning Laurna. May I say how much I am enjoying your daily writing. Like you, I have MG having first sought diagnosis in October last year. My first Neurologist appointment is coming up on the 16th February. It seems at the moment that I have Ocular MG. I think my diagnosis was faster than some people’s as my fiancee, a highly qualified ex nurse recognised the symptoms straightaway. Initially, a locum GP had thought it was a simple eye infection but I suppose they have to go through the differential diagnosis procedures and I guess that MG, being so rare isn’t the first thing they think of.
    I can relate to all you wrote about yesterday regarding having someone close to you who understands what you are going through.
    There are so many questions going through my mind regarding the MG and how it has developed within you. Am I right in my understanding that, like me, you were diagnised with Ocular MG at first? I have to admit that at times the potential for the MG scares me somewhat. I am 52, semi retired now, cycle regularly for fitness and long distance sportive/race training. I have changed my dietary routine to give me as much energy through the day as I can gain with fruit/veg smoothies for breakfast and an almost gluten free and paleo diet for the rest of the time. I do like the odd treat as you described today. I have far more energy now than when this disease started. My left eye doesn’t droop as much as it did and now rarely closes over. I followed a lot of the advice on this website http://eattobeatmyastheniagravis.com/category/smoothies/

    It would be great to hear from you if you wish and to perhaps give me some advice as to what is to come. The possibility of a thymectomy doesn’t excite me at all and neither do the potential sideffects of the treatments available.

    Be strong and follow the best advice available, your own body’s needs.

    Best wishes

    1. Hey Ian,

      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      Like you, the MG came on initially as ocular and because I had to wait almost a year to start treatment it started to affect my speech and swallowing. It never affected my limbs thank goodness but I do wonder if I had had to wait longer whether it would have.

      It’s good news that you are getting seen so quickly as I believe the longer the symptoms go untreated the harder it is to repair the damage done. It sounds like you live a healthy and full life and the medication should hopefully help you maintain that – rather than stop it. Last year, I felt fitter than I had been in years so don’t think that an MG diagnosis means you can’t still take your cycling seriously.

      What happened in my case is that the consultant started me on a drug treatment plan, of a low dose of steroids and mestinon, then built them up gradually before bringing the dose back down again. I’m currently on 10mg of steroids a day and hoping to reduce again. I found if you are clear that you don’t want to go on a high dose of steroids, they tend to listen. Like you say, you know your body best so keep listening to what it’s saying to you.

      The consultant will also send you to get tests done to ensure it is MG – there is a specific electric test that they do along with bloods, ECGs etc. They will also discuss the other options with you I’m sure – thymectomy included – but it’s completely up to you whether you get it or not. I was highly recommended to go for it and although it meant 6 weeks with no exercise, and played a bit of havoc with work, I’m glad I did it as I think it’s made my symptoms more predictable.

      Thank you so much for that link – I’m going to be writing about food in more detail shortly and this looks very helpful. How have you found the paleo/gluten free diet so far? I did initially go gluten free when I was diagnosed – may be time to try it again.

      Take care for now,


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