21/365 – Damn you chest infection

So I’m about to finish a course of antibiotics today and my chest infection lingers on. It’s the first experience I’ve had, since upping my immunosuppressants, of the dreaded lingering infections. Perhaps I’ve been a little too blasé about it. Today’s photo is me after yoga – probably shouldn’t be doing that with a chest infection. Whoops.

I went to get my bloods tested last week and got a call from my doctor the following morning asking me to come in as my white blood cell count was high – normally what happens when your body is fighting infection. I’d been feeling a bit under the weather for a few days, sore throat and chesty cough, and my doctor thought it best that I go on antibiotics.

Now I’m almost a week down and I do feel better but the cough bit hasn’t shifted. I have an appointment with my consultant on Monday, who will no doubt lambaste me for not taking it seriously/dealing with it sooner as the doctor and pharmacist have done already.

The thing I’ve found most frustrating since starting the immunosuppressants is the constant runny nose – no matter what I’m doing, the drip drip drip lingers like an annoying younger sibling you can’t shake (I can say that – I only have an older brother so I am that sibling). In the most romantic moments, when I’m slow dancing with my other half in our living room to one of our favourite records, I’ll ask her to hold that pose while I run to blow my nose. Nothing says ‘kiss me now’ like a snotty face.

Sounds like nothing, right? Well it’s bloody annoying and the worse part is I’ve become hyper sensitive to the number of ill people around London. I’m terrified that my puny immune system is a magnet for bugs.

The truth is I’m not sure whether the immunosuppressants are doing much good for me at all. I felt better when I was just on the steroids and mestinon and I’ve managed to get my steroids down to 10mg a day. Never mind the fact that I can’t go out in the sun without factor 50 on or go swimming in open water because of the weird bugs I might pick up – I’m fed up of the constant sniffle. I’m just hoping I can convince my consultant that my body is ready to get off them.

2 thoughts on “21/365 – Damn you chest infection”

  1. “Getting to know you, getting to learn all about you” Nice keep it up. Like me you are one of the lucky ones. I’m 77 diagnosed 1976. In remission now. 12.5mg prednisolone/day. Drive a 5litre V8 TVR. Live in Cambridge.
    My hobby, TVR, Agronomy of cereals, Dad’s Army. Dear daughter is a GP in Australia. Cheers Eddie.

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