29/365 – Last post about work for a while

As a follow on from yesterday’s ‘false start’, today was my first in the DCLG building. Tonight I’m exhausted but that will not stop me from writing this. I feel like I did on my first Friday after starting my post-uni, full-time, job…when I fell asleep on a pub table with a big smile on my face.

Part of the fatigue comes from throwing myself into the new role by trying to tick as much off the to-do list as possible. Having had a few weeks to plan what I’d like to achieve in the role, I felt a sense of urgency to make a start on as many fronts as possible. With this in mind, I’ve also slept terribly the last couple of nights and would have injected caffeine into my eyeballs, if I could have, come 3pm.

Other than being shattered, my first day in the office was really enjoyable. I got to see the work my team does on a day-to-day basis, arranged a million and one coffees to meet key people across the department and beyond, and I started thinking about ways to develop what the content team does. I was given a warm welcome by the director and didn’t get lost once (quite a feat in such a sprawling building).

Here I am in professional mode in yet another toilet shot.


On a personal level, I also checked out what the building’s beauty salon has to offer and booked myself an appointment to sign up to the fitness centre early next week. Best of all, as a Scot, I was programmed from birth to appreciate a bargain and the canteen’s lunch did not disappoint. My £2 lunch included a large bowl of tasty Broccoli soup and a potent coffee (pictured below) that stopped me from yawning my way through the afternoon. Just a tad more affordable than Canary Wharf’s cafés.


Once the working day was done, some of the wider team met for Friday evening drinks in the local pub and I felt it would have been rude not to accept the invitation.
But after a well deserved glass of Shiraz Viognier, or two, I could feel my eyes starting to droop and my body protesting that it was time to go home. So…I listened to it (taking today’s photo on the way back to the tube).

Now I’m all tucked up in bed reflecting on my first real day ‘in office’. One thing I will aim to keep in mind, when beginning my first full week on Monday, is that I should see my new role as a marathon not a sprint. There’s plenty of time to do all the things I want and more, but it’s important not to burn myself out. So when I’m putting together my schedule for next week, it must include relaxation time…perhaps even a facial at the beauty parlour.

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