36/365 – What a difference a sleep makes

This morning I knew from the moment I woke up that it was going to be a good day. My eyes didn’t reluctantly creak open, as they had for the rest of this week, my vision was perfectly clear on first glance at the world and my body felt like it needed to spring out of bed. The magical ingredient – eight hours sleep after a week of broken nights.

After yesterday’s 5.30am alarm, run to the tube station in the snow, due to bus strikes, full day of training, walk back to Nottingham city centre from the university and then walk home in the freezing cold, again due to bus strikes, I was feeling weak and shaky by the time I made it through my front door. After a quick catch up with Elaine, I fought the urge to stick on an episode of something or read a few pages and retreated to bed. I must have been passed out within 10 seconds of switching the lights off as I woke as I’d been in hibernation all winter this morning with no recollection of even saying goodnight.

The early night has made me focused, sociable and energetic today – I even managed my first session in my work’s gym at lunch with the toughest treadmill workout I’ve had since my operation in September.

So, using this as evidence, I’m going to try to not under or over sleep this weekend. It will be interesting to see how my body responds to it. For now though, happy Friday evening to you all!

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