41/365 – Avoiding the office lurgy

Tonight I’m having the rock and roll kind of evening that people with myasthenia are very familiar with – the tucked up in bed by 9pm kind. The hide away and hope you feel less drained tomorrow type.

Although I was meant to go to volunteering tonight, I listened to my body…it said you tired, go home. Sometimes I go a bit cave woman in my knackered state and I’m sorry but this blog probably isn’t going to be more articulate than you tired but you try write.

Anyway, I listened to the weary, simple, voice and went home. After using all of my reserve energy, or spoons if you follow the spoonie theory which I’ll come back to another time, to make dinner and shower, I’m now in bed with a hot Vitamin C drink.

I’ve been feeling full of energy over the last few days and this tiredness worries me. I’m scared that I’m coming down with one of the many bugs floating around my office after just starting to feel better from the previous chest infection. Currently, in the open plan space where I work, there is a chorus of coughs, sniffles and sneezes. So, along with the wall of tired, when I sneezed rather violently this evening, I put 2 and 2 together to make sick. Although my consultant tells me you’re not much more likely to pick up common colds when on immunosuppressants, I definitely feel there’s been a big increase of me picking them up since my thymectomy and upping the aziathioprine. I hope that this is a mild encounter or that I’ve just overdone it this week. Today felt very busy at work and I haven’t had a day of rest from exercise since last Thursday.

Anyway, enough what ifs and whinging. I feel like if there is an MG equivalent for Manflu right now, I have it. MGflu, Myflu, Myaflu…Anyway, on a more articulate day, I’ll write about ways to avoid picking up bugs on immunosuppressants. But for now, it’s definitely time to say goodnight.

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