50/365 – First big milestone

I know I said I would write about the spoonie theory today, but then I realised it would be my 50th post. It seemed like a substantial milestone… and then I worked out I still have 315 posts to write. So at this point I’m around a seventh of the way through my 365 days. This is strange as it feels like I just started putting it together yesterday and yet I reckon I’ve already spent about 50 hours (roughly an hour per blog) writing.

Thank you
At this first ‘milestone’ I want to thank the many people who have engaged with the blog.

First of all, thank you to fellow people with myasthenia who have commented, emailed, shared and liked this blog. It is ultimately for you, and for those like us to come, that I am writing every day and I appreciate any feedback, negative or positive, that you have. I’m keen to develop the blog so any ideas you have for this are greatly appreciated. One idea I like is potentially encouraging others to take up the challenge of doing either 100 days of myasthenia on either social media or via their own blog. If you are interested in doing this please get in touch. The more people we can get to show the daily changes and the different issues we face, the more awareness we can raise about the condition.

Secondly I want to thank my family and friends who have been hugely supportive. My mum, who I have staying with me this weekend, has been a source of inspiration for different entries and has constantly supported me with this. At the same time, she has constantly checked that I’m not finding it too demanding/emotional to undertake. This weekend she has told me several times that she is proud of me for what I’m doing and it means a huge amount (that’s why my number one fan is pictured with me today).

Many of my lovely friends have engaged with the blog and shared their thoughts on it. The fact that they/you are taking time out of their/your busy lives to read it is massively supportive and means a lot to me. I hope that it continues to be educational and interesting, and, for friends that live far away, that it makes the distance feel less.

To Elaine, I also say a massive thank you. I understand that my writing this blog it isn’t always convenient and that it can cut into our time together, but you have made it clear, through listening, encouragement and engaging with the content, that you understand this is important to me and that you support me. I hope I can do the same for you in the future.

Moving forward
I’ve had almost 4,500 views over the last two months, and readers from all over the world, but I want to keep reaching more people.

So I hope by the time I write my 100th entry, I’ll have been able to secure some news coverage and add a couple of video entries. I’ve tried filming a couple of videos with Vine but they’ve turned out terrible. However, that’s next on the to do list as I’m running out of creativity with the selfies. If I’m getting fed up taking them, I’m sure you’re getting fed up looking at them. Still, I hope the point of having them is clear – to show how the condition fluctuates from day-to-day.

Thanks again everyone – your support means a great deal to me. Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover that I haven’t written about yet.

3 thoughts on “50/365 – First big milestone”

  1. Hi Laurna and Janice – just keep on doing what you are doing – I had no idea about this disease until you started this blog. I would think people with the condition would greatly appreciate your time and effort to get the word out there. Yours is the first email I read every morning. Thanks and good luck with it. Cathy

  2. Hey Laurna, I don’t think you should stop taking the selfies. I think it’s an important part of what you are doing, and so relevant to your message. I think you should keep them coming! You are gorgeous inside and out and your selfies should stay.
    But I also think you should post some videos too because that’d be cool!

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