52/365 – Cooking with myasthenia gravis

While I have been lucky so far that my limbs haven’t been affected by myasthenia gravis, other than occasional heaviness and tingling, it may not always be this way. MG changes over time and when your arms or legs are affected I’m told everyday tasks can become very difficult. This ties into the spoonie theory post from yesterday. I’ve heard stories of people having to crawl or slide down stairs and, even worse for me, where lifting kitchen utensils becomes practically impossible. 

 It’s not that I’m going to be entering Masterchef any time soon, but cooking is both therapeutic and rewarding for me. I look forward to making dinner after a long day at work – almost as much as I look forward to eating the food I’ve cooked. I love having people over for a home cooked meal, taking my time trying new recipes at the weekend or putting together a brunch spread to enjoy over a few hours. I love food and, by association, I enjoy cooking. 

 So how would I cope if my arms became weaker? It falls into the you can’t worry about every eventuality category for me. At present, the worst I get is after a hard workout I may struggle to open jars or cans. If it did get worse, there is guidance for how to stop your arms getting too fatigued while cooking online.

The best tip I’ve read so far is cook in batches when you’re feeling strong.

The other side of this is MG can cause difficultly chewing and swallowing, which impacts what you cook and eat. 

Helpfully Myaware is putting together a recipe book. This will contain dishes that can be made without causing fatigue – both in cooking and eating. They are being provided by people with myasthenia who have tried and tested them and if you have a recipe you’d like to submit, you can email Sarah.hindley@myaware.org.

I leave you with a photo of my dinner this evening (I told you Masterchef isn’t going to be calling me anytime soon) I’ve not long finished making tonight’s meal – as my friend commented recently we are often on Spanish time here as we don’t get home until late and then start to make dinner. 

2 thoughts on “52/365 – Cooking with myasthenia gravis”

  1. Hi, so nice to meet you and your cooking looks amazingly delicious!!! I am sorry to hear that you have MG. I was just diagnosed this Spring, but I have had it for many years. Please get rest when you need it!! May you have many happy years cooking, I can tell you really love to!!! I am working on being a writer, it doesn’t take much muscle and I am praying I have enough flair to write well!!!

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