59/365 – Airport reality check

You may remember me letting the secret slip that after my thymectomy in September I developed a super power. Ok, I’m not sure how ‘super’ or useful setting off shop alarms on entry and departure is but it’s certainly a unique skill. Just me and the serial shoplifters. Well, after feeling all special, the trip over the weekend has made me consider whether I’m just a normal afterall.

Both on the way through Luton security and in Copenhagen, I didn’t set the alarms off. In fact, I wonder if I’ve passed my powers on to Elaine as she managed to set it off on both occasions.


After asking the Myaware community, I was told in no uncertain terms by people who have also had thymectomies that it is odd that I’m setting shop alarms off. My consultant explained the different technology used in shop alarms, magnetic something or other, in comparison to alarms looking for metal. He agreed that it was strange and that I should try to see the surgeon. I did try to organise it but the appointment didn’t work and I’ve not heard back since (task for today’s to do list). 

People in the Myaware Facebook group did mention that airport security alarms have gone off for them because they are triggered by metal – which I have in abundance in my chest thanks to breast bone being knitted back together with what looks like chicken wire. 

On this occasion, I even mentioned to the security guard that it would probably go off. In this instance, it was straightforward as both sets of security guards spoke perfect English but I have worried about what could happen when I’m further afield. Would I get put head first through the bag check to scan my chest? Actually, that sounds quite fun. 

Anyway, the situation now is even more unclear and I’m hoping my surgeon will be able to reveal all if I can get another appointment lined up. In the mean time, I’m still thinking about my costume – a wooly hat seems to be my trademark in the photos so far so that will be included. Does it make me an unsuspecting badass or a mere mortal with a penchant for comfort? 

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