71/365 – Back on the antibiotics

When I developed a sore throat over the weekend, and my arms started to feel weak, I could hear my doctor’s words echoing in my head from the last time I visited…

If you feel a sore throat coming on, come and see me right away…. 

Why? Because on immunosuppressants sore throats usually equal infections and infections are dangerous for someone with a repressed immune system. 

So I listened and visited the doctors today having decided I would work from home. Calling this morning I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry and all that – I’m far too sensible these days.

After doing some work first thing, I begrudingly went along for my 10.30 slot knowing from previous trips that it would be a miracle if I made it out before 11am. When I was still sitting waiting to be seen at 11.15am, I began to get annoyed thinking about the amount of time I’ve wasted in waiting rooms. What would I do with that time if I could get it all back? Something bad for my health. 

Anyway, once I was taken, my doctor had me in and out in four minutes. I know because I was that frustrated I timed it. What I will say for her is that she really listens and, although time was short, she managed to help with a couple of things including changing prescriptions and providing blood test forms.

I’m back on the antibiotics. Whether it’s an infection or not, I’m not sure but when she checked my throat she thought it better to blast it. Hopefully I’ll feel a difference over the next few days because at the moment there is no time to be sick.  On the plus side I’m looking healthy at the moment, so hopefully I’ve caught it early. 

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