76/365 – Going the distance

As you can see from the unattractive helmet photo, today I did my first long cycle of 2015. With the mini duathlon around a month away, I had been putting off getting out on my bike for a long haul spin until the weather was a bit warmer (and drier).  I am definitely a fair weather cyclist and have no idea how people can muster the energy in the freezing cold. 

With the sun shining, I decided today was right and Elaine and I managed 21.5kms in under two hours. We cycled to Regent’s Park and did laps on the quiet, scenic roads there. Considering the amount of stopping and starting that cycling in London requires, the time wasn’t too bad at all. 


Even more importantly, physically I felt and feel great. While my legs are tired, I think the strength and cycling work I’ve been doing in the gym has paid off. Not to mention the fact that I’ve had a very relaxed weekend. 

Last year when I started doing long cycles, my arms and legs would be shaky for at least a day afterwards. While I’m prepared for the doms (delayed muscle onset soreness) tomorrow, it seems my hard work has paid off.

Although the prospect of doing a 4km run before and after the cycle is still daunting, I feel more comfortable saying I know I can do it now. 


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