80/365 – ‘Stooning’ plates of meat

Last night I awoke with the strangest sensation. I can’t be sure exactly what it was but after a lifetime of my mum using the word ‘stooning’ I now know what she means. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with pain, except it wasn’t pain necessarily, in my middle toe on my right foot. As I discussed yesterday, I’ve had a full-on week of duathlon training so at first I thought it was my usual batch of middle of night cramp, as I wrote about here. I probably hadn’t drunk enough water to recover from the training so that was surely it, I thought. But as the sensation went on I realised I haven’t really had that kind of cramp in my toes before and I couldn’t be sure it even felt like cramp. It was a deeper sensation – like the bone itself was aching and vibrating.

I thought these weird aches and pains didn’t happen until later in life so I’m hoping this was a one- off snooze-time disturber. Needless to say, the broken sleep has left me feeling exhausted today with a very full work schedule ahead. Caffeine ahoy!

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