81/365 – Crazy busy week

So I’ve just had that week – the one where you’ve been so busy that it is a complete blur. Where caffeine, sweets and the promise of a beer at the end of the day get you through. Where you optimistically tell yourself that you will finish work on time every night and it never happens. Where you start to forget your name and how to do simple things like cook yourself a meal, tie your shoes and say hello to people. Where you look back at the end of the day and have no idea how you managed to fit in half the stuff you did or how you’re still going. Are you even still going, you start to wonder. Yes, you do start talking to yourself. 

The frenzy isn’t over for me just yet. I have a day of mostly work ahead tomorrow but then I will stop. I will sit back tomorrow night and wonder if I’m fit for anything other than sleep. At that stopping point, it will be interesting to see how my myasthenia gravis is affected. I feel like I’ve used up my spoons for a month. 

Right now – while I’m still going – my symptoms are not bad. Although I’ve reduced the steroids, when I had a few stress-release beers last night with my colleagues my speech was fine. My body is tired but it feels ok and my eye isn’t bad either although it’s started to tire this evening. Unfortunately, in my experience, it’s when I stop that the strain starts to show. At some point this weekend I’m going to treat my body for its resilience under pressure. Some sleep and healthy food are at the top of the kindness agenda. But for now I’m off to a comedy show with a beer in hand for some much needed light relief.

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