82/365 – Empire State of mind

The myasthenia gravis community has gone wild this week. Why? Because we’ve made it to the big time – ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the roof (Woahhh, why is there two of everything up here?) MG joke…double vision…anyway moving swiftly on. The TV show that has taken America by storm has given one of its main characters Lucious Lyon myasthenia gravis. Can you freaking believe it? Very exciting (as I hope you can see from my face above).

A friend of mine was down in London on Friday and was full of beans telling me about it. It’s a hip hop soap opera which is apparently incredibly addictive. She said it’s the new (better) Glee and I’ve got to say, the way she described the show sold me too. 

Myaware posted an interesting article about the fact that the main character had been misdiagnosed and (spoiler alert) in the last episode finds out that what he actually has is myasthenia gravis. The article suggests that there won’t be many exciting plot twists from him having MG but I think our community should come up with a few options for the show’s producers. 

I’m going to give the first series a watch and then reflect on all the ways MG could make the plot twist and turn. 

In the mean time, if any of you read about why the show decided to give one of their leads MG please let me know. Really intrigued about this point. I may try to get a quick chat with someone on the show about this once I’ve given it a watch. 

3 thoughts on “82/365 – Empire State of mind”

  1. Hi!
    First… I live in the U.S. in the southwest near Santa Fe New Mexico. I just want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. I was diagnosed in May of last year (2014) and I too have had my thymus removed, due to a tumor that was growing on it. My symptoms haven’t completely diminished but they are better. Your blog gives me hope that I can get back to a healthier lifestyle and get my life back. Thanks!!!!

    My and my boyfriend have watched Empire from the beginning and during the season finale when it was declared that he didn’t have ALS and (spoiler alert) he actually had MG, my mouth dropped, as did my boyfriend. Prior to this diagnoses I had never heard of MG and most of the people around me hadn’t either. Now It seems to show up more often and that’s great. Greater awareness is what is needed.

    Thanks again!

    Barbara Jones

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