83/365 – A royal crash and burn

After a hectic six-day working week, Elaine and I decided to get out of London and go for a walk in Windsor today. Although the wild wind was making the rain whip hard against exposed flesh, we decided to wrap up  and brave the elements. With only two months until the Camino de Santiago, getting ourselves physically prepared is becoming a matter of urgency. 

After a longer lie than anticipated, we decided to drive to Windsor and set off from there rather than the previous plan to catch a train to Sunningdale and walk to the queen’s home town. After a walk to the castle we set off via Eton. Right away I could tell that it wasn’t a day for long distances. My legs felt like lead and like they give way under me, my temperature soared almost instantly and my head went fuzzy. As predicted, I had overdone it and knew I needed rest. I pushed on for a while hoping I would get a second wind but it never came. By the time we reached Windsor after turning around about 5 miles in I according to Elaine I looked like I was ‘dragging my knuckles behind me’. She dragged me into a cafe to get a sugar boost and we ended up treating ourselves to afternoon tea. The rest helped, but I didn’t have energy to keep walking after our break.  

With a four day week ahead, and one of those days spent at a training session, I know it will be a much easier week. But for now, it’s time for this tired body to curl up and hope for more energy tomorrow.

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