84/365 – Small victories

Today was meant to be the start of my refocus on the exercise regime, gluten and dairy free diet and cutting down the amount of hours spent in the office. It didn’t start too well when my body refused my orders to get up this morning. After a shower and some healthy breakfast, I finally managed to get myself moving. As I walked to the bus stop, via the doctors for a prescription that had been sitting for a week, I realised I had a bit of energy back. In fact there was almost a spring in my step. When did all these cherry blossom trees on our road start flowering, I wondered. I felt ready and almost energetic – I could definitely do this. 

At lunch I made my weekly abs class (read torture session), followed by a quick run and body weight circuit. I had sushi for lunch and stuck to two cups of coffee. It was all going so well. 

Then I realised just how much work I had to do on top of an hour of e-learning for a course I’m attending tomorrow. Before I knew it, it was 9pm, I had munched through a bag of hula hoops and two mini cakes and I was about to attempt running part of the way home (in the blustery rain in the short shorts seen above).

I managed 3.5kms before deciding to call it a night. But, on a positive note, I made it to Wholefood superstore on the way home to get some healthy supplies (and avoided picking up the beer and banoffee cheesecake that were calling my name).

Some days you just have to celebrate the small victories like how much stronger I feel today compared with yesterday. 

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