88/365 – Feel Good Friday

So today I’m reminded of how much better a long lie and a walk by the sea can make me feel. After another busy week, with an early morning yesterday to ensure I could fit in all I needed to before finishing for Easter, I travelled to Dublin late last night unable to feel excited about it because I was too drained. 

However, with no alarms set, I slept nine hours and awoke feeling brand new. After finishing my epic blog entry about how people with myasthenia gravis can learn from religion, we had some breakfast with Elaine’s parents before picking up her brother and his girlfriend. We then went for a walk at the Great South Wall pier. I had heard much about the place as it’s one of Elaine’s favourite spots in her hometown and, as we battled the wind to reach the lighthouse, looking back towards the two towers, out towards the mountains and over to Hollyhead it would be hard to deny the port’s charm. 



Even better than the view was the fact that I felt I had the energy and then some to tackle the walk. Again, this was refreshing as I had run 8.5km the day before but the last 2km were a real struggle for my tired body. 

I’m hoping another longer lie tomorrow will help deter any negative  affect from the wine I’ve shared with Elaine’s family tonight. Either way, it’s been a lovely day and I feel like I’m well and truly on my holidays here. 

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