89/365 – Happy Chocolate Day

As tomorrow is Easter, and I’ve already written my views on what people with myasthenia gravis can learn from religion it seemed appropriate today to write about the best human invention, chocolate. 

Although I’ve been trying to be dairy-free since January, as part of a diet recommended to people with myasthenia due to the inflammation dairy causes, chocolate has been the downfall of my regime. There are milk-free alternatives which are delicious but they are expensive (£2.99 per bar). The ‘go without’ option just hasn’t  really worked for me, so I’ve been sticking to 60%+ dark chocolate (most of the time). I find due to the high percentage of cacao dark chocolate satisfies the cravings with a square or two, when it can take a bar or two with milk or white chocolate.

For anyone who likes the fine things in life, the good news is that chocolate in moderation, in particular dark chocolate, has lots of positive health benefits.

So stop beating yourself up this weekend and embrace the fact that a square of man’s best greatest creation can lower your blood pressure (which prednisolone can increase), get rid of bad cholestrol, improve your mood and protect your skin from harmful UV rays (particularly helpful for those of us on aziathioprine).

Happy Easter! (If you live in London, did you know there is an actual chocolate museum in Brixton? Read about that and more here)

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