91/365 –  Spring day in Dublin

For our last day before heading back to London the sun came out and declared spring’s arrival. Every one of the 17 degrees was welcomed by my sun-starved skin as we made the most of the clear blue sky. 

After a couple of late boozy nights in Dublin’s finest establishments, being out in the fresh air for a long walk was what my body was craving. Wandering around Glesnevin Cemetery, where over a million Dubliners are buried, was quite exhausting in the warm spring sun so we made our way next door to the Botanic Gardens. Many of the locals also decided to make the most of the day as families played around the flowering cherry blossom trees and glass houses. Elaine and I found a quiet spot and for the first time this year lay in the grass to relax in the warmth.   

The sun felt strong enough to burn the skin, or at least bring out a few freckles. I had no sun cream with me and initially forgot about the skin cancer risks with aziathioprine. However, after a little while soaking up the Vitamin D, I remembered and reluctantly covered myself up for the first of many times to come.

Feeling still after the break, my mind feels ready for the week ahead and my body is ready to be back on the exercise regime starting tomorrow. My eye is a little droopy after a couple of late nights but hopefully with an early night or two it’ll be back to normal.

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