94/365 –  First guitar session in more than six months

I realised this evening when I picked up my guitar to ‘play’ it that I hadn’t done anything other than look at it since just after my operation. That means at least six months of not touching it. I remember how difficult it felt after my thymectomy to do even the simple chords and songs – my muscles tiring with even the gentlest of strums. Before my operation Elaine had been working with me on finger picking, but now my hands felt heavy and clumsy.

Since being inspired at the weekend by the talented guitarists Dublin has to offer, I’ve felt the urge to play grow. Tonight, knowing that it would be painful on my fingers, arms and ears, I could resist no longer. After a long soak in the bath was probably not the best time to reingratiate myself with the steel strings as my softened fingers started to protest within minutes. However I managed to push through the first painful songs and quickly remembered what I’ve missed about playing. Time flies and stress disappears with a guitar in my hands. Before I knew it, I was looking up new songs to learn and only stopped when Elaine arrived home (embarrassed by the sound of my out of tune strumming and singing).

While my arms did ache, it wasn’t enough to stop me. So I’m going to try to play every couple of days over the next few months hoping that the strength in my hands and fingers improves not to mention my playing.

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