98/365 – Overdue blood test

Working from home today, I went to get an overdue blood test. If I didn’t,  I knew my doctor would withold my aziathioprine prescription – that’s carrot and stick motivation at it’s finest. Still the inconvenience of it irks me every time. It was made even more inconvenient by the ‘Sahara pollution’ London was encased in. 

Strenuous exercise was strongly warned against in the capital which ruled the quickest form of transport to Whittington hospital out for me – cycling. Although only about 4 miles away – the buses to the hospital are irregular and they seem to take the longest possible route. Thankfully when I got there the queue was the shortest I’ve seen it with only three people. In fact the whole thing took five minutes – the journey from door to door and back again took just under two hours.

The fact that I have to go there when there are medical facilities much closer to home that offer blood tests is frustrating. It also means that I am not able to get them done as regularly as I probably should – what with, you know, working for a living. 

While I understand that health must come before everything else, it often feels like there is a lack of appreciation of how difficult finding time during the working week to visit hospitals, doctors, consultants etc is for someone who doesn’t work nearby (ie most people in London). The blood test centre is only open 9.30am-4pm Monday to Friday which rules out a quick appointment before work or an early finish to nip in before it closes. 

Anyway, that’s my moan over. It’s done now for another four to six weeks. On the plus side I know my doctor well enough now that if there is an issue she’ll give me a call the next working day to check how I’m feeling and book me in for an appointment. That makes a massive difference as I know if I don’t get a call I’m doing fine. One less piece of myasthenia admin to worry about. 

3 thoughts on “98/365 – Overdue blood test”

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the purpose of the blood test? What are they monitoring or looking for?

    I was diagnosed in May of last year, and outside of the initial test my Nuero doc hasn’t requested blood tests outside of my hospital stays.

    1. It’s because of the immunosuppressant I’m on Aziathioprine. They monitor a few things – mainly white cell count for infections and liver function as the drug can be quite harsh. It’s not a particularly nice drug – you have to keep out of the sun on it as it increases your risk of skin cancer so probably best to avoid if you can

      1. That’s interesting. I take 150 mg of aziathioprine (imuran) and 180mg plus of mestinon and I’m down to 20 mg of the steroid. I was not aware of the liver damage aspect and I was aware that while on a 60 mg of steroid I had a high white count but I “assume” that has come down. Guess I need to get that looked at.

        I can’t express how much I appeciate your blog. I don’t have the ocular issues as often as you seem to. But the rest of my body has issues. My neck and hands seem to have the worst of it. Sometimes at dinner I have to prop my head up with my hands to be able to carry on a conversation! So strange how this effects us all so differently

        I had a thynoma and had it and my thymus removed (keyhole) in October of last year. Since then I’ve had many little flares and one serious flare with a stomach bacterial infection.
        I have learned so many interesting aspects of mg through your blog! The runny nose, (feel like a puppy), how my period effects the mg (just put that together because of your blog) and so much more. Thanks. Where I live the support system is limited so this is amazing. My neurologist is 450 miles from my home!!

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