100/365 – My first century

100 entries into 365 days of myasthenia – how did that happen? As you’ve stuck with me, I thought I better look at how I’m doing so far. For this task, I thought I’d consider the statistics, create the poll to put on my page, that I discussed in my evaluation blog and ask you to tell me. Yes you – how am I doing? Is there anything you’d like to know more about? Is there something you wish I would stop writing about? Tell me. 

Also I’d like to know – have you spoken to anyone about myasthenia gravis since reading this blog? A medical professional even? If you have, please do let me know.


Well I’ve covered a lot of the big topics so far like hair cuts, massages and yoga. I’m a proper lifestyle blogga. I’ve also covered some slightly more serious issues like religion, surgery and the affect drugs can have on your fertility. There is sure to be a combination of both the light and fluffy and the more heavyweight issues moving forward – two I’m working on at present sum this up perfectly, one about gut flora another about death. 

One of the things I haven’t done that I said I would is used video. Mainly this is because I can’t work out how to embed it in the mobile version of WordPress. Any techie readers who know how to do this, please do let me know. I will happily trade you a drink for this sacred knowledge.  

Looking at the statistics 


 My stats so far: 

I’m absolutely delighted with this number – almost 2,500 visitors is about 2,499 more than I was expecting. Also the interaction levels have been pretty steady with lots of comments and likes so thanks.  

My most popular posts:


Interesting that they tend to be around the key myasthenia issues like visiting the consultant, getting the thymectomy, the scars from that operation, and talking issues caused by MG. I’ll try to keep this in mind when writing future post.


In terms of my social traffic, I’ve had almost 1,000 referrals from Facebook alone, around 350 from Twitter, 25 from WordPress reader and a handful from other sources. 

Search engines

Search engine traffic has increased significantly since January.

In total, I’ve had 246 referrals from search engines (198 of which are from google).

January – 10 referrals

February – 110 referrals

March – 87 referrals

April – 49 so far


I’m incredibly proud to say I’ve had readers from 47 countries. Not bad when you consider there are only 196 recognised countries in the world today. It would probably be a bit ambitious to try to reach them all but perhaps I could look at the different ways MG is treated around the world to satisfy my international readership. Please know that I am writing this with my tongue firmly wedged in my cheek (may not make sense to the readers who take things literally – sorry Germany).

Thank you

All that’s left to say after looking at these statistics, comments and likes so far is a massive thank you for your support, engagement and patience with my rambling. Please do give me honest feedback – I want this blog to be as useful as possible and always appreciate constructive feedback. 

One thought on “100/365 – My first century”

  1. Well done with reaching 100 that must have took a lot of commitment, it’s just great to get advice and helpful tips from you about living, coping and understanding MG ….I’m hooked on your blogs. Thanks for replying to my email as I know your very busy . x

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