106/365 –  Week day off

 Elaine and I had a mini mid week holiday yesterday for a practical reason – a medical appointment. But as the appointment wasn’t until the late afternoon, and the sun was shining, we decided to make the most of our day of leisure. 

Feeling like the luckiest people in the world on Wednesday evening, we decided to meet for a celebratory drink on the way home. However, after a long few days, I could barely keep my eyes open and struggled to make it through my beer. 

After a long sleep, I woke up feeling fresh at my normal alarm hour and smugly rolled over. Then I realised how sore my body was. With the clocking ticking down rapidly to the duathlon, I hadn’t given myself a day off training since Saturday and had clocked up 44 kms combining cycling and running in that time. I would have to reassess later whether my plan to go to hot yoga was a good idea. My symptoms were significantly reduced from the previous week but I felt I was on the edge of tipping over again if I did much more without a break.

We spent our commute looking at different options for the days after our Camino trip. By the time we reached the Emirates airline we already felt as high as kites with thoughts of holidays, adventure and the warm sun. 

The last time I was on the Emirates airline, the cloud made it difficult to see past my old stomping ground Canary Wharf. This time it felt like you could see the sun glimmering on glass and metal for miles in every direction. It seemed like a good length of time to be looking out over London and Elaine seemed happy to finally be able to tick it off her London list. 

From there we headed Mudchute city farm on the Isle of Dogs which I would thoroughly recommend. No more than a mile from Canary Wharf, the community run project has a distinctly rural feel due to it’s wild woodland setting. It comprises stables, numerous types of animals big and small (including Llamas), a lovely cafe and plenty of walking paths in the wooded areas around the main courtyard. Although you could still see the wharf in the background, psychologically you felt miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.    


After wandering around the farm for a while, my legs were screaming and I knew it was rest time.  After the delicious banana and peanut butter cake above, we had to head towards the hospital and ever so slowly off I went.

During the hour and 15 minutes wait at the hospital, I started to feel quite ill and realised just how wiped I was. Elaine had a flight to catch directly afterwards so I dropped her off at the train station before making the informed decision that I was no good for anything other than a film on the couch and a ready meal. 

Today my body feels better for the rest although I think another exercise-free day is in order to ensure I’m fully recovered for some longer distances this weekend. 

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