107/365 – In case of emergencies card

I’ve held off from carrying an in case of emergencies myasthenia gravis card. When I first signed up for Myaware, I was sent one which I swiftly ignored. Why would I ever need that, I thought smugly, all I have is ocular symptoms. As my condition  progressed I forgot about the card – I was too deep in despair to think about protecting myself from the unexpected arrival of  my next symptom. Since then I never thought twice about it – I guess I’ve been naively thinking I don’t need one.

Recently I was having a conversation with my mum on the phone. I was walking on my own of an evening quite far away from anyone else I know and I was speaking about how my body had been affected during runs and walks that week. She asked if I carried anything so that if something happened people would know I have MG. She asked about a bracelet which initially went down like a lead balloon. While I’m much more comfortable discussing my MG now, part of me still doesn’t want to feel branded by it.  

However, I received a familiar piece of card in the post last week. Mother dearest had understood my reluctance to a bracelet but this is the discrete option. As I looked at it, I realised with everything I’ve got lined up in the next few months and the training involved it’s probably time. 


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