111/365 – Overnight bus to Paris

A while back my friend Sarah and I had the genius idea to go to Paris together. It’s only two hours away from London on the Eurostar, she’s never been, I love it and it just so happens she had booked to come down in April – coincidence, I think not. The logistics ( read price tag) however were not so lovely. Unless you book months in advance, Eurostar seems to be only for people with money to burn. Sarah and I are not part of that throwing cash away gang. Flights were almost as bad with the added expense of the train to London’s airports. There was only one viable option – a 10 hour megabus overnight both ways. Why not, we thought. We’ve got the time and overnight travel means no spend on accommodation. It’s kind of perfect, meant to be….

We’re on our way now having ‘checked in’ at the Megabus desk in Victoria station.  

Two hours in and I already have a numb bum. Plus there’s a 2 hour delay due to congestion at Dover Port – not all bad as it means we’ll be arriving in Paris at 8am rather than 6am. 

This overnight travel will be a real test for my myasthenia. I’ve not done an overnight megabus since before my diagnosis due to the fatigue involved. As I’m currently stepping down the steroids, I’m going to try to get as much sleep as I can to compensate. Still it will be interesting to see whether my body is affected.

If it is affected, I’ll be in one of my favourite cities in the world. If our check in isn’t first thing I can find one of many amazing parks, like below, to relax in tomorrow or perhaps find a good spot beside the canal. The best thing is when I wake up I’ll be in PARIS…and there will be French coffee and pastries and sunshine. 


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