113/365 – #IhaveheardofMG

Fantastic news – a hashtag raisong awareness about myasthenia is reaching thousands of people across social media. #ihaveheardofMG has had more than 620 tweets and nearly 145 posts on Instagram. Due to the amount of shares and people who have stumbled across it, it has, according to the below tweet, reached more than 58,000 people. That’s incredible work.   

According to a member of a Myaware group I am part of, it was one woman in Florida who came up with this idea. Putting my hands together for this woman with the upmost respect. Having tried to get people involved in doing a #100daysofmyasthenia, and so far having no luck, I know how difficult it is to get people engaged. Well done and let’s keep it going. 

Why does it matter?

The more people that are aware of MG, the better the chances are of quicker diagnosis. It may also be easier for corporate fundraising if the condition gets known by more people – the name sticking in their mind when it is time to choose a charity to support. Most of all it will help those with MG feel understood if more people know their condition.

If you have a social media account and have read about MG through this blog, please send a picture of yourself with a message including #IhaveheardofMG. It will be greatly appreciated by me, all the other people with MG in the world and the future generations who may get a quicker diagnosis because of you. 

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