115/365 – Day before the duathlon

Tomorrow is a big day for me – my first ever duathlon. Although it is a mini one (4km run, 20km cycle and 4km run) I’m excited, nervous and intrigued about how it will go. 

From my experience of doing running events, the way you behave the day before massively dictates how you find the run. I’ve done events where I’ve been training regularly but the day before I’ve misbehaved (ate the wrong thing, had a few drinks, smoked a lot etc) and I’ve found it a real struggle/been unable to finish. Once I ended up in an ambulance after passing out. There was another time when I didn’t know I was doing a half marathon until the day before but because I rested and ate well on that day, I finished it comfortably. 

At this point I am feeling strong and well rested after a 10 hour sleep. I carbed up last night with spaghetti bolognaise and intend to do so again tonight. I am drinking a lot of water and plan to do so for the rest of the day. I haven’t done any running or cycling since Tuesday and the muscle aches I was feeling earlier in the week have vanished. I’ve done a light run with Elaine and Sarah to loosen up before the journey through to Essex for the event. 

Other than have an early one tonight, have no alcohol and make sure I eat carbs, at this stage it feels like there isn’t anything else that I can do. I turned down a Bermondsey craft beer crawl today which was definitely the right decision although it was difficult at the time. 

We will head through to Essex in the early evening to make sure we’ve got lots of time to wind down before bed. Then it’s game on. 

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