123/365 – Small world part two

So in my last post about the world of myasthenia being small I wrote about a workmate who’s son has congenital MG. Despite the fact that there are only 10,000-12,000 people in the UK and Ireland with the condition, I found out this weekend that someone I knew when I was younger also has myasthenia. She is around the same age but has had it for a lot longer than me and has not coped well with it. There must have been something in the water.
I don’t think it is fair to this person to say anymore, but it has made me realise once again how lucky I am to have developed MG after I had found my place in the world. 

I wonder if many people with myasthenia know others from out with the Myaware community, whether from childhood, work or hobbies, who have the condition? Is this strange?

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