125/365 – Late night before election

Tomorrow, as the country goes to the polls, I’ll be able to let out a sigh of relief as my preparation work is over. Tonight I’ve been in the office late doing the last bits of pre-election work and using the last of the time before the ministers arrive to improve my team’s offer.

Not being able to get involved in the build up on social media during this general election has been strange, but I’ve found it interesting on the inside. Working for a department has definitely given me perspective on what uncertainty means for government. Saying that, I may be pining after my journalist days tomorrow evening when the results start rolling in – I’m not sure a 36 hour reporting shift (common during elections) would be best for the myasthenia. 

Will I be able to resist staying up late to track the results – only time will tell. Whatever happens, there’s sure to be lots more hard work once the latest administration is announced so I’ll be trying to get a good rest where I can.

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