130/365 – Shaky yoga class

Today I had an odd and rather embarrassing experience. After about a month of not being able to attend my weekly yoga class, in desperate need of some inner calm, I finally made it along this afternoon. The instructor I love – the best yogi I’ve ever had – is on maternity leave. As I arrived a little late, there was only one space left – the one normally reserved for the teacher facing the class. Is he secretly a time-nazi intent on punishing me for being late, I thought? My conclusion is he may well be.

Although I’ve been doing yoga on-and-off for a few years now, my downward facing dog was not ready for the attention/scrutiny of a full class. Heightened by the copious amount of caffeine consumed in the morning, the lack of yoga practice and the fact I forgot to take my second dose of mestinon, I shook violently in almost every pose. I was a lot less flexible than last time I practiced and I seemed to be breathing like an angry gorilla. 

I tried to avoid eye contact as I convulsed my way through the sequence of poses but snuck in a quick scan to check none of my colleagues were there. Thankfully they were not. I was particularly glad of this when I lost balance during a standing pose and almost toppled the teacher. The shade of pink I had been flaunting for most of the class darkened to scarlet at that stage. 

I waited for that inner calm that normally comes over me at yoga but it never arrived. However, the deep stretches eased my tired body. I’ve felt like I’ve been taking relentless body punches from Floyd Mayweather Junior recently, so I was glad of the relief. While this was a silver lining, along with the fact that I was wearing my Myaware t-shirt so perhaps it got some people curious enough to look the charity up, I’ll make sure I’m on time next week to save anymore inadvertent ‘teaching’.

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