131/365 – Learning to walk 

I had my last massage before the Camino today and boy did I need it. After lots of hill sprints and a few longer runs last week, the muscles around my back and hips have been full of knots. The pain was relieved with a little yoga yesterday, along with a massage kindly ‘donated’ by Elaine, but I was still far from fixed. Time to dig into my pockets and call the work masseus.

As he started to work wonders on my muscles, the crackling of knots was deafening and the pain intense. My shoulders were so tense working on them took the majority of his time. Sadly he was reluctant to work on my lower back, saying putting more pressure on it is was not a good idea. He suggested once my shoulder tension is relieved the pain in my lower back should ease off. To help, he advised changing the way I walk and run. 

Due to my ‘curvy’ back (pictured below), when I’m running my lower back is coping with a lot of stress. The same applies when I’m lifting weights, according to my masseus, and so it’s no wonder that my back has been playing up with the amount of both I’ve been doing. He told me to fix this I could try tilting my hips forward when I walk and run. Anyone who has ever tried this will know it’s not an easy and all you need is a pout to feel like a right Mick Jagger. 

As I have a big few weeks ahead, I’ve decided to stop running until after the Camino to give my body a chance to recover and rest. For now, if you see someone deep in concentration it may be me teaching myself to walk all over again. 

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