132/365 – Travel insurance and myasthenia

As I jet off for France in 7 days time, I figured the time is right for sorting out travel insurance. While I was never particularly bothered about having it for trips to Europe in the pre-myasthenia glory days, now it would be very silly not to cover myself. Particularly as we are going to be walking in the Pyrenees. I reckon my mum would find a way to stop me leaving the country if I didn’t – or, if I slipped through, she would hire some French/Spanish farmer to track me down with an insurance certificate in hand.

Last year I used Unique travel insurance to cover my Camino trip. I remember the call with them vividly – before I even picked up the phone I was terrified that they would say they couldn’t cover me. Or worse, that the insurance would cost an arm and a leg (can see where this Scots saying comes from now – I would have had to sell body parts for a hefty fee).

However, the woman I spoke to was warm, reassured me that I was fully covered for my walk and, after taking all my details, only charged around £30 for the privilege. No limb removal required.

Having checked the same company out again, its price remains roughly the same for this year – with a gold or platinum option available. For research purposes, I decided to check out what else was available via My Holiday Insurance. Unique was still the best option in terms of price and specific breakdown so I’ll get myself booked up with them shortly. Once I do that, I’ll know the practicals are out of the way and I can start counting down the days for French beach time. That’s the only thing getting me through this dreich day. 

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