136/365 – Return of the lurgy

After my last successful training walk pre-Camino, I was feeling on top of the world yesterday. Or I was until my throat felt like it was being scrubbed with a Brillo pad and my nose became a leaky faucet. My right eye went a bit droopy yesterday, but I put it down to the early morning start and the fatigue hangover from the week before. Sadly it got worse during the day as the cold symptoms increased. Great, just what I need days before jetting off. 

Although I have a lot to get through before finishing work on Wednesday, I was in no fit state to commute into work this morning. The faucet pipe had burst causing a constant flood and my head felt as if it had been glued down hard on my pillow. One positive thing was that my body felt great – somehow the part of me that had exerted the most energy the previous day felt invigorated. I worked from home and, despite constantly having to refresh my tissue pile, I was quite productive. 

In a desperate attempt to rid myself of the lurgy, I made chicken noodle soup, stocked up on oranges, blasted the zinc with some baked beans and treated myself to ice cream (all a sick girl really needs). Oh and knocked back a Beechams or three.

I’m feeling a bit less leaky and heavy headed this evening, so here’s hoping the same routine tomorrow will provide a shortcut to recovery road. I must feel better, I must feel better… 

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