137/365 – Raising awareness via Twitter competitions

Yesterday I received an interesting tweet that is definitely worth writing about. After entering a competition to win a pair of New Balance trainers on Twitter, I received a response from the company’s account. The sports brand has asked people to tweet reasons why they enjoy running with the hashtag #useyourrun. I decided it was a good opportunity to raise some awareness about myasthenia, and also  potentially win a new pair of top of the range sneakers, so I tweeted:

I run to keep on top of my #myastheniagravis

While this is true, I had also hoped that people looking at this feed would be curious and click on the MG hashtag. What has happened, if it comes true, is even better.

New Balance asked me to follow them so they could direct message me. They then asked whether I would allow my tweet to be part of a campaign they are running with the Hearst magazine group. As in the company that owns Vogue, Men’s/Women’s Health etc. Not only will the Twittersphere be curious about MG, but hopefully so will the thousands of readers of these magazines. I would say that is #winning at its finest. 

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