138/365 – Collecting your feedback

So I’ve finally managed to create a feedback section for this blog to capture more information on my readers. It’s available here and will be tagged at the end of each blog from now on. 

I’m asking people whether they have MG or not in a poll. In a separate feedback form I’m asking for name, email, whether you better understand MG after reading this blog and whether you would consider talking to someone about MG after reading this blog. I think I’ll add a comments box on there too with a prompt for additional feedback and any ideas for future blog posts. 

I’m keen to find out the breakdown of readers and whether I am equipping them with enough knowledge to speak about the condition. I’ll be able to take stock of this shortly.

If you could fill out the feedback form it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link again. Thank you, danke, gracias. 

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