139/365 – One more day

Getting out of bed this morning was the hardest thing I had to do today. Despite knocking back the Beechams yesterday (with an added shot of whisky last night) I’m still feeling rhymes with trap and my body wanted a fight when I asked it to get going first thing. My brain feels like it’s wading through deep mud with every thought and yet I know I have a full day of meetings and work to get through before it is holiday o’clock. 

Thankfully, when I came in last night, I got the majority of my packing done. The hardest bit, as always, was choosing what books to take. I managed to cut the long list down to a short list but still need to reduce it by half. Remembering I’m going to be carting these books 65kms on my back is a good incentive to do so.  

After today I have 14 days to relax, rest and reflect. After a very full on few months, I feel like I’m going to be crawling through the departure gate tomorrow. 

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