141/365 – Madeye Moody goes to the doctors

I could have done anything, or nothing, with the two hours between getting up and heading to the airport this morning. But as my first look at the world was significantly blurred and then I noticed everything in my bedroom had doubled over night, I decided to go to the doctors. My throat had been itchy for the last few days and so I thought it best to get some anti-biotics just incase it was an infection causing my symtoms to flare. Also, most importantly, I don’t want the Madeye Moody alter ego of mine you see above featuring in all the holiday pictures.

The emergency doctor was lovely and shared some tips about surfing in Biarritz and San Sebastián. However, unlike the regular one I see, she wasn’t allowed to pass out the anti-bs. I was asked for a blood test, throat swab, along with a blood pressure, pulse and temperature check. I was given the full service and generally seem to be in good health. Eventually, as it got closer and closer to the time I had to leave, she was granted permission by a senior doctor to give me the prescription. Thankfully the pharmacy were on the ball and Elaine and I managed to set off not long after our cut off time. 

I’m now on the train to the airport, with a heavy arm from my second blood test in a week. But as soon as we get through the check-in area, this morning’s misadventures will be forgotten and the clock will be reset  to holiday time. Mañana mañana.   

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