142/365 – Myasthenia gravis and that startled look

You know when you get a shock and your eyes do that startled thing – that’s how my right eye has looked for about 24 hours now. As a result, a few other people have had the same startled expression when catching my eye. 

When I woke up this morning, after more than the recommended eight hours sleep, I was sure the eye would have dropped the frightened reaction. Alas, it appears to have become more scared over night. 

It took about an hour for my vision to adapt from double to normal this morning. Thankfully since then it’s been fine, but as a result I’ve upped my steroids by 1mg to see if it makes a difference and am going to continue with the anti-biotics. I’m also going to try getting earlier nights over the next few days and avoid mistakenly (honest) ordering a karaffe of wine. I mistook 50cls with 50mls and had a jolly good time last night. 

Until there is an improvement I shall be keeping my sunglasses on to avoid scaring children (and myself when I look in the mirror).

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