150/365 – Feedback so far

As today is my 150th post, I thought I would take a look at the feedback I’ve received so far while relaxing on San Sebastián’s Playa de la Concha. You may remember I asked in post 138 for readers to provide me with a bit of information on whether they have myasthenia or not and then answer a few questions. If you haven’t done this already, it can be done here. 

Thank you to those of you have contributed. 17 of you have responded to the question about whether you have myasthenia or not, with a split of 65% yes and 35% no. 

This is positive for me as I’m keen to reach people with myasthenia, and hope they’ll share their experiences with me, and those without so they learn about the condition. 

For the second part, 18 of you have taken part. 

The first question asked, after name and email, is how you found out about the blog. The answer provided an interesting split, with 6 people hearing about it through Myaware, 5 through word of mouth, 4 through social media, 2 through other and 1 through search engine. 

The second question asks if you feel you know more about myasthenia from reading the blog. All except one said yes which is extremely positive. The no answer (below) was also positive but gave me food for thought in terms of how I improve what I’m doing. 

‘Not really about MG, more about your experience with MG and how it relates to the things in your life, some of which I have been able to take away and use to my benefit. ‘

Finally, I ask whether you would feel more comfortable speaking to people about myasthenia about reading the blog. 14 people said yes, 3 said maybe, 1 said not sure and 1 said ‘not  if I didn’t have knowledge base I do’ which again has helped me with my plan for improvement strategy.

Next steps

Based on the feedback, I think to keep improving what I am doing I will create an information page about myasthenia and add a link to it at the bottom of each blog post. If there is anything you think should be included in this please let me know in the comments at the bottom.

On this page, I will link to other useful websites, support groups and also other blogs about living with the condition. If you would like yours included, please comment below or email me on laurnacr@hotmail.co.uk.

Thanks again for all your feedback and if you haven’t provided feedback yet it would be great if you could spend 2 minutes soon so here.

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