155/365 – Back to reality

After a wonderful two weeks of relaxing, sightseeing, walking and spending time with some of my favourite people, yesterday marked my return to work. Now I do love my job but, in all honesty, I struggled to readjust to the hustle and bustle. 

It was only on my return back to in London on Tuesday that I realised how  fatigued I felt. While not showing with my usual symptoms, my body felt as if it had been assaulted and my eyes kept begging for just two minutes of shut eye. 

Aside from San Sebastián, we had not spent more than one night in the same place since Biarritz right at the start of our break. While I had a great deal of fun and the fresh air, exercise and long sleeps had done me well, I realised the travelling had taken it’s toll when I struggled to find the energy to drag myself around the supermarket. I made sure to rest as much as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday to ensure that I was prepared for starting back on Thursday. 

Despite this, getting used to the pace of London first and the pace of work second drained me. I found myself cancelling a commitment last night in favour of going home to relax and I’m still zapped this morning. It also doesn’t help that I got my period yesterday, as I’ve documented the way this affects me.

While my body is reaclimatising to work life in London once more, I plan to listen to my body and not push myself too hard.

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