159/365 – Rapid progress

On Sunday, I visited one of my oldest friends Sarah who has just moved from Edinburgh to Southend-on-Sea. Delighted to have one of my favourite people less than an hour away by train, the visit was just what I needed in my post holiday slump. I hadn’t seen her since the end of April when we ventured to Paris and completed a duathlon together – this feels like a lifetime ago now. Apparently it was long enough for a change to take place.

With a searing hot sun, even in the depths of the afternoon, I had a vest top on that showed my scar. As we sat having dinner, after a few hours in each other’s company, Sarah commented that my thymectomy scar had become lighter over the last month. She seemed to be shocked by how much it had improved and of course I was delighted to hear it. Like anything aesthetic about yourself, change is difficult to gauge. While there are days that I’m acutely aware of it, at other times days can pass without me noticing. Earlier in the healing process, the changes were more obvious.

While I know my scar will always be with me, the change from angry red to calm white is most welcome. It is still at its darkest on the most visible part of my chest – where the deepest/original incision was made. But I am grateful to Sarah for noticing what I did not and for having the courage to comment on it.  

Here I wrote about the full thymectomy compared to keyhole surgery.


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