160/365 – Nauseous, nauseous, nauseous

I’ve got to say this week this has been really rough so far. We are only half way through and to reach Friday I’m worried I’ll  have to get down on all fours and crawl. 

The drop in steroids has hit me hard this week and, on top of an amplification of the low mood I wrote about here, I’ve been feeling incredibly nauseous. The near constant churning in my stomach has made me irritable and killed my appetite. I’ve been forcing myself to eat as I know if I don’t the immunosuppressant will play havoc with my stomach. My right eye is misbehaving – flitting from being completely shut (as seen above) to normal within seconds. I’m also having difficulty sleeping and struggling to concentrate. 

Most of all, I feel drained. Or worse, burnt out. Try explaining that after only just coming back from holiday. 

How long can I put up with this? Well, I’m holding on and hoping my body will adjust to the new dose. I made an agreement with Elaine last night that I’ll stick it out until it has been 2 weeks since I lowered the steroids. Then I step up again, which will feel like failure. 

2 thoughts on “160/365 – Nauseous, nauseous, nauseous”

  1. 1 mg per week is a very low dosage, in fact it doesn’t help you at all, even people in remission take at least 5mg a week. And you shouldn’t rely only on the pills you need to look for alternative cures. Something as simple as changing your diet can make a huge difference (it has for me). I used to have the eye drop and the double vision, but I don’t anymore. I have been taking huge steps to get healed my symptoms started in November of last year, I was diagnosed in May. But I had the double vision on March and it heal itself without any medication (it last a month). You need to start looking for the causes of your disease, huge stress is what experts says cause MG.
    Oh I read that’s MG cure is in trials right now only on Europe please check that, you could be from the lucky ones to get it. I’m from Mexico 😒

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