163/365 – Setting goals and myasthenia gravis

I am the type of person that does better when I have a goal. From  school to university, in my hobbies and now at work, having something to aim for has always helped give me a sense of purpose. I know each small step gets me closer to something – each one moves me forwards and onwards. 

Setting goals can be a challenge with myasthenia. The unpredictability of the condition – the inability to know how your symptoms will be from one day to the next – makes calculating what you are capable of, and how much you can push yourself, difficult. Today I think I could cycle 30km and enjoy it – tomorrow I may be exhausted by 3km. Sure there are factors that help or hinder this, but often it feels out of my hands. For a goal focused person, this is a challenge. 

Thankfully, I have good days and bad days. So much depends on how my body is responding to my medication and, at present, I’m having good and bad days in equal measure. I know that on good days I’m capable of doing almost anything and, at this point in my life, there are enough of those to still aim big. Accepting this, I have adapted to the fact that longer term goals are better than intense short term ones for me now. I think this is a healthier attitude and my changed attitude is another thing I can be grateful to myasthenia for. 

I’m currently setting objectives at work and, thank goodness, these are spread out over a year. At present, I’m also re-evaluating my fitness goals for a couple of events I have coming up and changing my nutritional goals. I’m also living the medication goal of being almost steroid free and that long term goal helps me with the tough days.

For all of these goals, my mantra is ‘It’s a marathon not a sprint.’

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