164/365 – Incontinence and myasthenia gravis

You know when you read something that you really wish you hadn’t. In fact, you wish you could burn the memory from your mind and use a protective charm to ensure the same information never enters your brain again. I had one of those moments today when I read someone on Facebook discussing myasthenia-induced incontinence. 

This shouldn’t be a surprise really – the rogue enzymes target muscle and nerve junctions, often stopping the muscle functioning. Of course there is a risk of those muscles that allow you to hold on being affected. It’s just I had never thought of it.

I’m not sure how common this is, but I really feel for those who have suffered from MG incontinence problems. Of all the symptoms, this has got to be one of the worst alongside not being able to walk and breathing difficulties. 

My colleague mentioned on this topic that there is a lot of disagreement between neurologists about whether this is myasthenia-related or not. She, like me, thinks it’s a no brainer that it is.

As I can’t erase the knowledge that this is a possibility in my future, I’m going to ask Myaware how common it is. I’ve never heard it mentioned before, so I’m hoping the answer is ‘not very’. Either way, time to dig out some pelvic floor exercises.

2 thoughts on “164/365 – Incontinence and myasthenia gravis”

  1. I have this issue. Although not severely. In the past year I’ve had an “issue” possibly a half a dozen times. Two at night while in bed asleep, which is embarrassing. One at the kitchen sink while doing dishes with zero warning or the feeling of need, and the other times it’s more of a serious urgency that doesn’t give me much or enough warning. I hope that it doesn’t become more of a problem but I do believe it’s an MG related symptom.

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