171/365 – Eyes wide(r) open

Fed up with feeling low and having a droopy right eye, on Sunday I decided it was time to stop being a martyr. I had given my reduced steroid dose two weeks and there was no sign of improvement. I could battle on blindly, and dream of the day my symptoms come under control, or I could help myself feel better. An easy choice. I increased my dose and waited for the magic to happen.

By Sunday night, my eye, and mood, had lifted. While I only allowed a 1mg boost, it was already making a difference. 

Despite a late-ish night, my eye has lifted again today. Although not quite at normal yet, I’m hoping, as my body adjusts to the slightly higher dose, all will be rosy again soon. I’ll get my symptoms back under control and have a bit more stability with my moods. That stability would be more than enough for me at the moment. This weekend I’m off to see Elaine’s family so it would be a steroid miracle if my symptoms were under control by then.

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