173/365 – Stronger than yesterday

I apologise for the cheesy titles – it’s fitting for the rest of the content in this blog in afraid. Using this trashy pop reference, and smiling as I sing the rest of the song in my head as I write this, is testament to how much better I’m feeling. The upturn is due to my well documented increased steroid dose on Sunday. I’ve been so stuck in blue that any thought other than how bad I’m feeling, and how little motivation I have to do anything about it, has been warmly welcomed. 

This week I’ve had the energy to socialise with friends in the evenings, had more drive at work, felt my mood improve and been able to appreciate the little things. I’ve felt motivated to push myself with exercise – I even caught myself smiling through some sprints today. That looked pretty insane, if I’m honest.

Whenever my thoughts revert to the fact that I’ll have to go down again, and possibly have to go back through the same low, I’ve been shutting them down. While these things are true, they are also not helpful and are killing my buzz. For now, I’m going to have a little skip and a dance. I might even stop and smell the flowers. As I promised cheesy content, I leave you with this nugget of grade A Stilton…I feel like I’ve got the real me back.

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